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  • She got her start by posing in popular softcore magazines like Straight Stunning, XXL and Smooth. She has also been in multiple music videos for artists like Soulja Boy, Meek Mill, Drake, Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj and several others.
  • She is well known on Instagram, and posts some very sexy pics and videos regularly.
  • She has BOTH tits and ass.
  • Ayisha has over 2 million followers on IG now.

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Another Ayisha Diaz dream girl, according to the interweb? If you have any problems reading this, please contact us:

  • Not only did they tie the Ayisha Diaz knot, but they also announced they're expecting to release a sex tape.
  • They are naked with Ayisha Diaz
  • Those Ayisha Diaz of pictures us who see the silent film as hottest a beautiful form Ayisha Diaz marvel at the beauty of the technique.
  • Each week, Ayisha Diaz posts a new set of photos and hot videos on her Instagram and Snapchat.
  • Some very erotic and naughty ones too.


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