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Sex Tape: Nicki Minaj Leaked Video… Suck That Dick!

We can watch this Nicki Minaj leaked video ALL DAY and never get sick of it! If you haven't had the pleasure of viewing it yet, you are in for the BIGGEST CHUB of your god damn life. We have a feeling her celeb porn video will go down in history as a world treasure! Is the suspense killing you yet? It should be…

Nicki Minaj porn video

The rap queen sucking cock is “break the internet” material, get that dong ready to explode…


Nicki Minaj LEAKED Tape!

Are you ready to see bae's BJ skills?! She knows how to OPEN WIDE and take dick like a champion!

PRAISE JESUS! MMM, she's a professional cock rider. What you need to know about the tape before you jerk off to this TASTY thick girl:

  • Nicki Minaj is known for posting some racy visuals on Instagram, but this time the bootylicious rapper has done more than just post pics. She's been caught on video…and we've got the tape!
  • The sex footage was filmed back in the day before she was famous. Apparently, Nicki was going broke and needed to make some quick dollars to pay the rent!
  • In the tape you can see her famous ass bouncing on cock, her pussy getting torn up and one fantastic blowjob!
  • Some people thought the man in the video was Lil Wayne since they have been known to have a “thing” for each other for awhile now. He even wrote a touching tribute to her in Time Magazine.
  • The media still hasn't figured out who “leaked” the homemade porno.
  • There are people who speculate it was released on purpose by Minaj's management team to give her more publicity before dropping one of her albums.
  • She hasn't denied the allegations and avoids the media when they ask her about it.

Nicki Minaj doggy style

Nicki Minaj's NSFW Videos

Oh dayummm, WAIT FOR IT… can't miss Nicki's incredible body naked in this compilation video! The way she grabs her voluptuous titties has us like WHOA.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS… her teaser #ChunLi video, her body is STRAIGHT fire.

She is our #WCW every damn day. JESUS, look at dem hips – papa wanna play wit choo Nicki baby!

We ain't done yet, folks… We found her latest naughty pics and we have to share them with you all. Anytime you run into a Nicki Minaj nude or busty photo, you have to share the wealth with all your peeps! It's a sin not to!

Nicki Minaj's porn career could have been very promising, she's a natural.

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