Lira Galore Sexy Selfie

FULL VIDEO: Lira Galore Sex Tape Leaked – Sucking Dick!

This chocolate BAE is going to show you a world of NASTINESS you've never seen, fellas! We are here to tell you that the Lira Galore sex tape does live up to everything you are hearing on the streets. This scandalous video is “Hall of Fame” worthy, ya feel me…

Yep, Lira is a straight SAVAGE in the bedroom! Good thing we got her FULL tape so you can see her in all her glory…
Lira Galore sex tape

Lira Galore leaked
Scroll down to watch dat ass in action

It's no wonder famous men like her ex Rick Ross and rapper Drake can't keep their paws off of her. Even little Justin Bieber had to make his moves on her, highly doubt he could satisfy this hungry though! She eats young men like him for snacks!


Some “warm-up” videos and quick facts about the naughty tape before you get started:

  • The video vixen has confirmed this tape is the real deal on Twitter.
  • Some believe the dude in the tape is NBA star Lance Stephenson.
  • Although Lira is claiming the man in the footage is NOT Stephenson, but a past lover.
  • She apparently filed a police report and said she was going after the “leakers” with her legal team.

Ready to see Ms. Mercer, show no mercy… Let's go!

Full Lira Galore Sex Tape Video

Lira Galore sex tape response

Well, it's easy to see why this beauty has made headlines over and over again. Besides dating rappers, chilling with Amber Rose and Blac Chyna also helps. Those girls get crazy together at the club and are always causing scenes.

She is holding her own though, with 3.8 million followers on Instagram she has no problem making a paycheck with brands. Mercer is also an ambassador for Yummy Extensions and Flat Tummy Company. She also hosts at high-end clubs such as The Pretty Diver in Dallas.

Lira's lengthy response about the leak:

Lira Galore responds to sex scandal (2)

We'll never stop obsessing over this ebony queen, she is just TOO much.

Lira Galore FAP Clips

Some extra POPPIN' material for you guys…

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