Trisha Paytas sexy selfie

Trisha Paytas Sex Tape & Nudes Leaked – FULL VIDEO

Bangin’ Youtube star has a nasty leak out! If you haven’t heard about the Trisha Paytas sex tape and her nudes leaked, well now you know. This bodacious blonde is the freak we always knew she would be in this NASTY footage of her getting down.

Get ready for naughty scenes that will make your jaw drop! This curvy former stripper and escort has some skills you’ve never seen before.

Like most Internet personality females, she’ll do ANYTHING to get more followers. Some people say the video is a “leak”, but we all know she was probably the mastermind behind the publicity stunt.


Here are some quick facts about her life and sex scandal:

  • Her full name is Trisha Kay Paytas and she was born on May 8, 1988.
  • Over the years she has been on television 45 times, including: My Strange Addiction, America’s Got Talent, The Price Is Right, Ellen DeGeneres Show, Modern Family, Huge, Jane By Design and others.
  • She was in the music videos for Amy Winehouse, The All-American Rejects and Eminem.
  • She is an aspiring singer and has put out seven EPs.
  • Trisha has around 3.4 million followers on her YouTube channel and has had over 1.1 billion views. Her Instagram has 1.6 million followers.
  • She posts promiscuous videos of her eating junk food, talking about her personal life, and hanging out with her boyfriend (fellow YouTuber Jason Nash).

Trisha Paytas Sex Tape Video Exposed


MMM, this thick girl can nurse me back to healthy any day of the week!

She’s a hungry one.

She can fit a BBC in that mouth and SOME!

You know dat pussy and booty can ride dirty all night!

Trisha Paytas Nude Leaks

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Trisha is just begging to get rough fucked:

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