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A REAL Blac Chyna Sex Tape Was Just Leaked!

Are you guys looking for the new Black Chyna blowjob video leak that just hit the web?! The former stripper has been dealing with a lot of scandals lately, but this has been her biggest by far. The video that is 1 minute and 23 seconds long was posted on Twitter by an anonymous user. According to a report by TMZ, she wants the cops to track down the person who leaked the juicy clip!

Watch the Leaked Blac Chyna Sextape:

In the naughty video you can see the curvaceous Chyna giving a blowjob to an unidentified man. Although you cannot see the lucky man, you can hear his voice. Blac's face is clearly visible as she deep throats it like a champ, there is no doubt that it is her!

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Some people were speculating that her ex Rob Kardashian was behind this leak, but it is certainly not him. The man's dick in the video is blacker than Rob's cock for sure, and some have speculated it's Mechie's. Last year Rob posted nude pics of his baby's mama on Instagram in order to get back at her during one of their many feuds. She threatened to sue him, but nothing ever happened…

Blac Chyna porn video

Blac Chyna sucking big black cock

Check out the leaked pussy pics Rob Kardashian angrily posted online:
Blac Chyna pussy upskirt photo
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